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Curriculum Vitae:

Victor Konstantinovich Tolstykh was born August 2, 1958 in Ukraine.

Education: In 1980 I have finished the physical faculty of the Donetsk State University. From 1980 to 1982 I was in the Soviet Army. From 1982 to 1985 I was a post-graduate of the Donetsk State University. In 1986 I have defended the dissertation on Identification Problems in Open Hydrodynamics Channels on specialty "Mechanics of fluid, gas and plasma" in the Kiev State University. I have received the degree of a Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Mathematics (Ph.D.).

In 2003 I have defended the second dissertation Direct Optimization for Thermo-physical Processes on specialty "Thermo-physics" in the Moscow State Regional University. I have received the degree of a Doctor of Science in Applied Mathematics (Sc.D.).

Professional Experience: Since 1987 I was an Assistant Professor on the General Physics Department, since 1994 I was an Associate Professor. From 2012 I am a full professor, and I deliver the lectures at the Computer Science Department in Donetsk National University. From 2014 till today, I am head of the Computer Science Department.

In 1996 I became a Soros Associate Professor from International Soros Science Education Program. Besides, from 1985 I am a Scientist in some projects which was supported by USSR and Ukrainian governments. I have above 70 scientific publications. 
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Professional Memberships: SIAM