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Web Person in General Registry Database

This project involves the problems: e-school, e-government, e-state, network city.

The project "Web Person" is a General Registry Database (GRDB) together with a Web Site for supporting a GRDB, and Web Services for automated use personal files from GRDB in real time.

GRDB consumers (schools, universities, organizations) may opt out of storage duplicating information about own students, staffů In particular, they can store in own data base only GRDB personnel identifiers, and their passport details, phone numbers, educational qualifications, etc., receive on real-time from GRDB. Consumers do not need to maintain information about their personnel up to date, it will make GRDB. People themselves can control via the Internet and fill up their data, leaving only the function verification and validation of personal files for consumers.

GRDB will economize not only human and time resources, but will open new horizons of automation control in different areas of the state, it allows us quickly and costs effectively carry out statistical and sociological research. GRDB  will automate the registration of the population, the election campaigns, the receiving company in the universities; to develop the monitoring systems of schoolboys and students, the tax services, the pension funds; to improve the quality of state planning; to organize a mass personal message delivery to inform citizens and much more.


We built this system in Ukraine at
All new information technologies have been protected by patents.
Integration GRDB with departmental databases and benefits of such integration.

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